Family Ideas Network for Down Syndrome (FINDS)

FINDS -  Family Ideas Network for Down Syndrome

Established in 1975, FINDS is a McHenry County, Illinois, not-for-profit volunteer organization run entirely by parents and their children with Down Syndrome. FINDS is a network of families who work together to maximize the potential of each individual person with Down Syndrome and improve the quality of their lives.

The most important goal of FINDS is to be able to share ideas, explore new concepts, and celebrate our successes together. Our mission is to bring new opportunities to families that have children with Down Syndrome through Bi-Monthly Newsletters, Social Events, Educational Services, and Family Support.

We encourage you to join us in our quest to enrich the lives of our loved ones. We have a wonderful time at our social events and, through FINDS, a whole new world of information is available about Down Syndrome.

Family Ideas Network for Down Syndrome is run by a board of volunteers and a group of generous parents who all donate their time and talents to make FINDS a success.

The Board
Michael Fisher, President
Terri Lawson, Vice President, Treasurer
Teri Graef, Speaker Events
Ali Garner, Newsletter Editor & Public Relations
Cynthia Harper, Social Events