Family Ideas Network for Down Syndrome (FINDS)
Monthly Meetings

We are currently scheduling our monthly meetings.  If you have a location that you can allow us to use for our monthly meeting, please let us know. Our meetings are informal gatherings where we share information, plan social events and work to create a better organization for our children.

Reading and Math Program
Our reading and math program is ongoing and is located at GiGi's Playhouse in McHenry.  It meets one to two times per month on a Saturday during the winter and once per week during the summer.  The group is working on TouchMath and reading concepts and is looking to add a 2nd group with different needs.  Please contact Mary Fisher at (815) 444-8672 to find out more and discuss how we can help meet your child's needs.
Our Support Group

Expect to meet parents, kids, siblings,family members and others who have walked the path you find yourself on and who embrace and celebrate the joys, accomplishments and beauty that life can offer with Down syndrome in it.

We hope families take what they need, offer what they can and realize that support is not only about what you need, but what you have to offer to others.  Come share your experiences and learn from others. 

Events being formulated
We are developing our plan for implementing the Circles program to help our kids better understand social boundaries and to be able to apply social rules to interactions with people in different roles in their lives. 
* The expansion of our reading and math programs.