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Montclair University study on Spatial Development

Montclair University | Published on 8/18/2021

This project requires participants to complete several tasks of learning.  All tests are designed age-appropriately and are administered individually. This project also requires the parents to complete several questionnaires about daily behaviors of their children. Online sessions will take about 2 -3 hours, spaced over 2 to 4 sessions that will be conducted via Zoom, and will be recorded and used only for experiment purposes. If permitted by the university and state health guidelines, in-person sessions will take about 2-3 hours, with many breaks included. The child and his/her parents will receive a $50 gift card for their time and effort. Parents are asked to choose whether they want us to test at their home, or at Montclair State University [and at your facility (for service provider)]. 


At this time, we are looking for

1). adolescents and adults with Down Syndrome (12-25 years old) 

2).adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities other than Down Syndrome (12-25 years old)


Kaitlynn Bohr
Research Assistant 
Spatial Development Lab
Montclair State University