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Grace Place Art - notecards & art created by a woman with Down Syndrome

Michael Fisher | Published on 8/26/2021

I’m Bonnie, and my daughter, Grace, is a young lady with Down syndrome who loves to make art. Together, we recently opened a small art business called GracePlace Art, where we primarily sell greeting cards with Grace’s artwork printed on them! Our hope in reaching out is that your organization might have some use for bulk orders for any events coming up!

A little about us...

While we created GracePlace Art as a way for Grace to explore her passion for art and share her story, we also wanted it to be an opportunity to empower her and the Down syndrome / special needs community at large. And so far it truly has been! On the micro-level, each order gives Grace the opportunity to learn basic work and life skills, as she hand signs each card and helps with packaging and shipping. She’s also learning to be a social media star and has a blast with all our silly photoshoots where she gets to share and promote her work!

On the macro level, we do our best to ensure that GracePlace Art serves as a platform to raise awareness, promote kindness and inclusion, and inspire people of all abilities to follow their dreams, no matter how wild!

Our vision for Down Syndrome Awareness Month:

Grace’s best-selling products are her ‘Work’ and ‘Water Work’ card collections. So thinking ahead for October’s Down syndrome awareness month, we decided to create a new collection called ‘Down for Work’, using her same ‘Work’ pattern, but strictly in Down syndrome awareness colors! Our hope is to do our part in raising awareness throughout October and beyond. Toward that mission, we’ll be donating 10% of all ‘Down for Work’ proceeds to the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County!!

Grace’s ‘Down for Work’ cards are being printed and packaged and are available for purchase at! They can be purchased in gift sets (8 cards per box) or in larger bundles of 40, 80, & 120 (great for events, invitations, holidays, etc.). One of the things we love most about Grace’s cards is that Grace’s story and mission is printed on the back of each one!

Aside from cards, Grace also sells her original artwork as well as prints of her artwork. We hope you sign up for Grace’s newsletter at and stay up to date with Grace’s new offerings, events, and news! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or collaboration ideas!